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PayX International

PayX is a well known specialist global Payments Market Analyst, Consultancy & Nextgen (FinTech) portfolio firm. We are now the trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading payment organisations where we utilise our knowledge and experience to extend their success.

PayX has established itself since 1996 as a thought leader in the international Payments Industry working with many of the top leading payment organisations (such as Banks, Processors, Vendors and FinTech) and the leading Investment Community players (Institutional Banks, Wall Street, Private Equity etc), both covering 5 continents. PayX has a formidable industry brand & reputation built over 20 years+ being trusted for quality delivery every time.

FinTech partnering with Banks/Payment Processors to jointly & successfully burst into new markets is now a key PayX Group focused growth competency delivered through our AddVentures Division; involving fast process, culture bridging, excellence in due diligence, portfolio building and marketplace repetitive delivery and efficiencies. This breakout formula enables all parties to win in a way never before possible, proven by the fact Addventures FinTech partners are often the ones behind the new Neo/Challenger Banks and the most successful industry players.

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