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19-23 September 2021, Amsterdam

Whether you’ve experienced the magic of Money20/20 or are curious to see the mic drop moments we deliver, check out some of the past powerful conversations we've sparked with money’s greatest minds.

Empowering entrepreneurship in a regulated world

Watch this Money20/20 Europe session with Patrick Collison, CEO & Co-Founder of Stripe and David M. Brear, CEO of 11:FS, as they discuss how to empower entrepreneur in a regulated world.

An intimate fireside chat

Watch this exclusive fireside chat with Zach Perret, CEO & Co-Founder of Plaid and Ryan Gilbert, Partner at Propel Venture Partners.

"Money20/20 is basically the best fintech meet up I have ever been to in the world. It attracts people from all over. It feels like a family."

Megan Caywood

Managing Director, Global Head of Digital Strategy

Cyber Security and Risk Management

Watch this exclusive session with Ambassador Susan Rice, United States National Security Advisor and Nuno Sebastiao, CEO, Feedzai as they discuss Banking Security, Global Affairs, and the age of reputation crisis.

Wake up with the CEOs

Check out this lively debate with Chief Innovation Officer of Société Générale, 11:FS Foundry CEO & Chief of Staff, CEO & Founder of Starling Bank and Director, Digital Strategy at Barclays.

"Everybody is here and every year it’s getting bigger and bigger."

Anne Boden


Why the winners won

Check out this panel with VC’s from Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, Eight Roads, Softbank Investment Advisors and The LHoFT Foundation discussing entrepreneurship & Investing.

The winners & losers of disruptive tech: microchips, security & 5G

Watch this session with Dr Hermann Hauser, Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners and Ralph Simon, Chief Executive of Mobilium Global, as they discuss disruptive tech.

A snapshot of our incredible community

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The numbers that matter

The community shaping the future of fintech

Transform your business with every connection, conversation and collaboration at Money20/20. No matter who you want to meet across the fintech ecosystem (including those you never knew existed), we've got you covered.

World, it's time to reunite

Bringing together industry giants, rebels and scrappy startups from across the globe all in one place, Money20/20 enables you to get 3 months of business done in just 3 days. Minus the need for an around-the-world ticket.

Have a try before you buy

We get that you may never have experienced our live shows before.

To get a flavour of the industry legends we deliver and the conversations we spark to shape the future of fintech, register your free place to catch up On Demand with all the MoneyFest sessions that took place on 20-23 July.

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