If That Wasn't Enough, There's More!

m20eu23 floorplan illustrated static

Check out our other areas, filled with the Money20/20 magic

The Box

Inspired by our legendary Money-Bot Stage, visit The Box to take part in dedicated workshops, connect with like-minded fintech players and find answers to some of the biggest questions.

Startups' Hangout

Take a trip to our Money Beach Club, specifically to our beach house pavilion where you'll find 30 of our sensational startups who have been specifically chosen to showcase their talents and rub shoulders with fintech's finest.


Tune in to the soundbites of money's future at our live, dedicated podcast area featuring some of the industry's leading podcasters.


New for 2023 which you can enjoy at your leisure with friends & industry peers, or within the organised cohort gatherings for a shake up to your conventional meeting table!

Communties Gatherings

Join the communities shaping the future of money on our dedicated lily pads where we're bringing together VC's, Startups, Merchants and more to help write what is next for money.

Merch Machine

Want something tangible to remember this game-changing experience by? Hop on over to our merch machine to grab yourself some goodies.

The Balconies

In true Money20/20 style, we're offering a step up from the usual event experience through our purpose-built viewing balconies. Take a trip to The Balconies to take in all that the show has to offer from a different angle.