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The Money20/20 Europe Agenda

The agenda that shaped the industry this June.

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Our 2024 Show Theme: Human X Machine

Humans and our increasingly intelligent machine counterparts are combining to create a whole new world.

We must prepare to witness a metamorphosis, where the interplay of consumer and business interactions ascend to new heights, redefining not only what we experience but how we experience it.

In this age of transformation, efficiency will increase in ways we can’t comprehend and there’s no portion of our ecosystem that will remain untouched by the collaboration between humans and machines.

We unveiled the stories of those exceptional beings, the superhumans, who dare to navigate this uncharted territory.

Dive Into The Making Of Money's #1 Show

Dive deeper into our carefully curated agenda topics brochure as we uncover how each topic has been chosen to captivate and truly "wow" the industry. This is your invitation to immerse yourself in the future of fintech, with topics handpicked to inspire innovation and disrupt the status quo. Explore these thought-provoking themes, and see how they came to life this June.

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The 2023 Agenda

Fancy a blast from the past? Dive into the details of our 2023 agenda here.

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