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Fintech, let's get back to business.

It's happening LIVE now: 21 - 23 September 2021, Amsterdam

Already coming? Here's your pre-show checklist

With not long to go until Money20/20 Europe begins, you'll no doubt be preparing to travel and be onsite at Europe's biggest fintech show.

Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need. A couple of quick admin bits to tick off and then you’ll be inside Money20/20, getting back to business, in real life.

We bring together who matters in fintech

This is the place where the industry moves forward. From global leaders to new challengers and from tech giants to scrappy startups, we catalyse change through the collision of people and ideas. We don’t just observe and react. We power new strategies and partnerships that transform mindsets. We shape the future.

With over 4,000 people, (With 1 in 4 Exec Team or Board level), from 1,500+ companies already coming, get back to business IN REAL LIFE this 21-23 September in Amsterdam.

An agenda like you've never experienced

Don't just take our word for it though. Watch the video to see the incredible reactions from a few fintech influencers.

We already knew it was radically different, and the opinions of these industry powerhouses tell the same story.

Now check the agenda out for yourself.

When Money20/20 met the Mayor of Amsterdam

That's right. Our very own Money20/20 President, Tracey Davies met up with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam to discuss how we're bringing fintech's boldest and brightest community back together where they belong - IN REAL LIFE.

You've never experienced a show like this

We’ve reimagined our show to ensure every turn fuels the powerful encounters and conversations that only coming together in real life can spark.

Sounds intriguing right? Check out your brochure to find out more.

Rockstars walk our stages

Check out the latest industry legends and pioneers set to fuel fintech's biggest conversation.

What does our community have to say?

See what industry leaders from Amazon Pay, Barclays, Feedzai, Starling Bank and others have to say about the ROI Money20/20 delivers.

Thousands of decision makers at your fingertips

Register today to gain immediate access from 1st September to connect and pre-book your business meetings with a whole roster of industry leaders including Banco Santander, Curve, Plaid, Deutsche Bank, Spotify, Visa, Coinbase, Barclays, PayPal and so many more.

Fintech's biggest hivemind is coming

Fintech’s biggest challenges will not be solved in isolation. They need the industry's boldest and brightest community to come together.

Introducing Think Tank. An immersive agenda feature bringing 8 groups of up to 30 selected industry players to ideate and co-create a solution for the most complicated problems we face together.

Need to convince your boss?

We don’t need to convince you that Money20/20 Europe is the only fintech event you need. However, we do know that sometimes it’s hard to make a case with your boss. That’s where we come in.

Together, we create magic

This is not your average branding exercise. This is your chance to be part of fintech’s beating heart.

This September, Money20/20 will be alive with pop-up experiences, secret spaces, surprise events and visionary minds. Being part of the show doesn’t just guarantee you exposure, connections and growth, it makes you an integral part of the frontiers of fintech.

"Money20/20 is basically the best fintech meet up I have ever been to in the world. It attracts people from all over. It feels like a family."

Megan Caywood

Managing Director, Global Head of Digital Strategy

Our latest report: The Building Blocks of Fintech 2.0

After a decade at the heart of the industry, for the first time in our history, Money20/20 is proud to release our experts' predictions in a thorough report about where our industry is headed over the next five years. Check out our predictions which will shape fintech's biggest conversation to be had in real life at Money20/20 Europe this September.

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