Europe’s biggest FinTech event is back

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Announcing our themes

We’ve ripped up the conference agenda. NO rehashed themes. NO sales pitches. NO “thought leadership”.

Only the biggest industry questions keeping you awake at night.

Announcing the 8 themes that will dominate our 2020 agenda (and yours).

Discover more

The relationships that are built here will shape the future of money

See what will drive the industry before it hits the industry. Enjoy three days of networking-rich opportunities that bring together the most brilliant minds to deliver the next frontier of Financial Services.

Be part of what happens next

We break the ice

Everyone’s here, every time. Forget the awkward approach, at Money20/20 the ice comes pre-broken.

You'll walk onto a level playing field where everyone from the most game-changing startup to the biggest multinational comes for the same three things: to learn, to network and to get business done - at speed.

Be part of the community

We spark ideas

We are the clearest and most powerful lens of what's next in money. We help you stay ahead - accelerating mindsets, sparking strategies and powering partnerships.

Learn. Share. Discover
Money20/20 is basically the best fintech meet up I have ever been to in the world. It attracts people from all over. It feels like a family
Megan Caywood
Managing Director, Global Head of Digital Strategy

We give you the roadmap

You'll leave Amsterdam with a plan: a roadmap to get your company from business-as-usual to the cutting edge. Money20/20 gives you access to transformative new ideas, technologies and partnerships that will provide the inspiration for your next innovation.

Be part of what happens next

Be in the know

What’s really great about Money20/20 is that it brings the financial community together
Victoria Perea-Usher
Head of Marcomms Europe
JCB International