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"Money20/20 gives you the unique opportunity to connect with companies and people that you usually would not see, all in one place."

Ana Botin

Executive Chairman


Money20/20 sponsorship is your chance to…

  • Showcase your brand like never before, setting the scene for your next big business move, in order to impress your partners and attract future customers.
  • Gain unparallelled impact and visibility in front of leading decision makers from across a range of fintech communities globally including crypto, big tech, payments and cybersecurity.
  • Win over your next client by stealing the spotlight with your one-of-a-kind expertise and intelligence to ensure your business stays ahead.
  • Be in the right place (Money20/20 USA) at the right time (23-26 October) to have meaningful conversations that will lead to that next BIG deal.
  • Be the first to know about nascent trends and tackle your clients’ pain points by being present during unmissable discussions on topics such as identity management, BaaS, and embedded finance.
  • Create a future you didn't know your brand needed through those all important serendipitous encounters with those who matter most.

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