3 Days in Amsterdam

Never been to Amsterdam before? Check out our recommendations to enjoy the city

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The best 3 days in 2022

Whether you are here for the 3 show days or planning to extend your trip into the weekend and make the most of what Amsterdam has to offer we have you covered! In this section you’ll find a bit more about the city as well as our recommendations to make your trip just that much more special.

Fun & interesting facts about the city

  • Amsterdam features the most museums per capita in the world.
  • The houses are narrow for a reason - it’s because back in the 17th century, the locals were taxed on the width of their property.
  • The name ‘Amsterdam’ derives from ‘Amstelredamme’, meaning ‘dam/ dyke over the river Amstel’.
  • Much like Venice, the city is constructed on 11 million poles & boasts over 160 canals.
  • An unexpected sight you might enjoy in Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest park is looking at wild parakeets.
  • The Stock exchange located in the city centre is the oldest in the world, it was founded in 1602, 420 years ago!

Restaurant Recommendations

Below you’ll find a list of our recommended restaurants, food halls and bars which you are welcome to book at your leisure! Don’t forget we will also be offering an exciting variety of complimentary food and drinks at the show focused around the Mind, Body & Soul.

Restaurant recommendations

At the Venue

Did you know that the catering onsite at Money20/20 is complimentary for all Delegates? We offer a wide variety of cuisines to ensure you are fuelled up during the day. If you have specific dietary requirements, we’ve got you covered. Simply add in your dietary requirements at the time of your registration or latest by 15th May 2023. You will see a designated field for this when registering your pass. If you did not book your own pass, please contact the Delegates Team with your dietary requirements and will add this in for you.

In the city

High End

The White Room, Yamazato Restaurant, Restaurant Vermeer, John Dory Visrestaurant, Restaurant d'Vijff Vlieghen

Mid Range

Ron Gastrobar, Balthazar’s Keuken, Daalder, Bardak, Le Restaurant, Yerba, Jansz


Foodhallen, Waterkant, Pulitzer Garden, Escobar