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Booking Your Pass

All you need to know about booking a pass

When and where is Money 20/20 Europe 2024?

Money20/20 Europe kicks off on Tuesday 4 June and ends on Thursday 6th June 2023, the show takes place at Rai Amsterdam, Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What are the available pass types and how much do they cost?

For all available delegate passes and prices visit our Pass Picker. All delegate passes include the following amazing benefits:

  • Full access to the show across all 3 days
  • Exclusive discounts for our delegates on accommodation & flights by booking through our partners.
  • Unlimited networking opportunities including access to the full attendee list via the Money20/20 Connect App
  • Curated content across multiple stages
  • Complimentary food and beverage on the show floor
  • Post show, on demand replays of selected stages

Is there a deadline to register for Money20/20?

Not for the Standard pass, once registration is open, delegates can register up to and throughout the show, but we recommend securing your pass early to secure the best rate as our pass prices increase as we draw closer to the show. Price increases happen automatically and each price break is advertised on our website so you don’t miss out. You’ll also be able to secure your Standard pass onsite at Badge Pick Up.

Can I buy a pass without providing delegate name details?

Yes, you can register passes without having to provide any details up until Midnight GMT Sun 14 April 2024 (from 00.01 GMT Monday 15 April 2024). Once you have the details, you'll be able to update the registration from the My Orders section by clicking Provide More Details.

I can only attend for one day, can I transfer my pass to somebody else?

No, passes are non-transferable once printed but you are welcome to make changes before this. It’s important to note our passes are valid for the full duration of the show, therefore we don’t offer day passes.

Do you offer group discounts?

We are able to offer a group discount when you are purchasing 5+ passes under one transaction. Our system will automatically detect the number of passes in your basket and apply the best applicable discount. The more passes you purchase as a group the better discount you will receive.

Note, our system does not allow combining multiple discounts and we are unable to apply discounts retroactively once the pass has been purchased.

I have received a unique individual discount, how can I apply this to my order?

If you have a unique discount code this can be added at the checkout stage in the Offer Code box which will update the final price to pay. If you need any assistance please contact our Delegates Team.

Pass Application Types

Have a question about the different pass application types?

I am looking to attend the show and I’d like to apply for one of your application-type passes, how do I proceed?

We offer a number of passes in addition to our Standard pass which are application based and approved against a set of criteria outlined on our Pass Picker. The available passes are: Start Up passes (Early & Growth Stages), Retailer, or Government/Non Profit. The criteria for these are covered further down.

In order to submit your application you’ll need to add a pass to your basket and complete the details in your Money20/20 account. Once you submit the application for approval it will go to our Delegates Team who will review and come back to you with the outcome.

We ask that you ensure you meet our full criteria before applying and complete all the details requested to avoid any delays in processing your application. If your application is incomplete we will move it back to pre-submission which will make this editable in your account so you can add in the missing information.

If your application is declined, our Delegates Team will email you to confirm the reasons it was unsuccessful and next steps.

If your application is approved you will receive a confirmation email with the next steps to secure your pass.

I am unsure about which is the best pass type for my company, please can you provide me with a recommendation for the most suitable pass?


Is your company a startup that has a fully operational technology product or platform? Is it incorporated no earlier than June 1, 2021? Is the funding amount less than €3M? If you’ve answered yes to all 3, then we recommend you apply for the Early Stage Start up pass!

Is your company a startup that has a fully operational technology product or platform? Is it incorporated no earlier than June 1, 2019? If you’ve answered yes to both then please apply for the Growth Stage Startup pass!

Is the company employed or officially associated with a government entity, credit union, or tax-exempt nonprofit organization with a valid VAT/EIN Identification Number and it’s not from an educational institute? If yes, please apply for our Government & Nonprofit Pass.

Is the company outside of the financial industry that sells directly to consumers only (not B2B) through brick-and-mortar stores or e-commerce including online marketplaces and sharing economy businesses? If yes, it’s the retailer pass!

Do you have a deadline to submit a pass application?

Yes, all applications for the above-mentioned pass types close at Midnight GMT Sunday May 26th, 2024 (they will not be no longer visible on the pass picker from 00:01 GMT Monday 27 May 2024). To secure a pass that has been approved, please login and proceed to Checkout from the Pending Orders section of your account before the above mentioned application deadline.

After this time, only the full-price Standard Pass will be available to purchase online, and at Badge Pick Up, no exceptions will be made.

My application is showing as pending review, when can I expect to hear back?

We ask for you to allow up to 5 working days for a pass application to be reviewed, please get in touch with our Delegates Team if you have not heard back within this timeframe.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Here is a comprehensive Q&A of all the other ways you can be involved

How can I attend as Press?

Be the first to cover the latest fintech trends, and exclusive brand announcements live. We offer free press passes to qualified professional journalists, editorial staff, and media providing coverage for the financial services industry to Money20/20 Europe. Head to our Press page for more information and to apply for your pass. Please get in touch with our Press Team for any questions regarding your application.

How can I become an Industry Partner?

Become a Money20/20 Europe industry partner and amplify your publication or Association to our extensive global network through a range of pre-event and on-site branding opportunities. For more information, please visit our industry partner page for the full criteria and how to submit an application to our media team.

I am interested in taking part in the RiseUp/Amplify program, what should I do?

Money20/20 believes women, minorities, and underrepresented professionals should have a louder voice and more seats at the table in financial services. We work to amplify those voices and open doors through our platforms and program, collaborating with our community to empower real change and erode systemic bias. Inclusion and difference simply make us stronger. Take a look at how we're doing this with our RiseUp and Amplify programs and how to register your interest. Application will open on 29 Janury 2024. If you have any questions, please reach out to RiseUp or Amplify.

How can I apply to speak at Money20/20 Europe?

Our Call for Content is not yet open, but look out for our Call for Speakers in January! Further details will be released in due course. In the meantime, head to our Call for Content page or sign up for our Newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news.

Can students attend Money20/20 Europe?

If you are a student in full-time education, you may be eligible to attend Money20/20 Europe at a discounted rate by providing us with confirmation of this. Please get in touch with our Delegates Team to request further information and send us proof of enrollment (that you are currently enrolled in studies) and your student ID in order to confirm your eligibility.

New for 2024! Visa Information

Have questions about whether a visa is required?

I might require a visa to travel to the Netherlands, what assistance can you provide?

We recommend all our delegates start the visa process as early as possible to avoid delays and issues with obtaining visa interview slots.

The E.U. has announced that the visa waiver program called ETIAS (European Travel Information Authorisation System) will commence at the beginning of 2024. Travelers currently visiting European Member countries visa-free will require an ETIAS from 2024 onwards.

Passport holders of the EU single market are exempt from ETIAS. Please see here for the current list of countries affected and check back regularly for updates.

For those who require a Schengen Visa, you will find a useful template for generating visa invitation letters if you need them for your trip in Purchased Orders>Options>Request Visa Letter.

Please see here to see what additional documents are required to support your visa application.

Please note that we can only provide visa letters to delegates who are registered to attend the event.

Our visa letters include all the necessary information confirming your attendance at the show. However, if you require any additional documents to submit as part of your visa application please get in touch with our Delegates Team with the request and the date of your appointment.

I have secured my pass, how can I download my visa letter?

Absolutely, the easiest way to do this is online from the My Orders section of your Pass Manager area. Once you have registered, simply click on Options on the pass(es) under your Purchased Orders and then Request Visa Letter, once you have completed the details on the screen you will be able to download it in a PDF format. If the name on your registration differs from the one on your passport, please contact the Delegates Team and we will be able to update this for you.

Below you can find a visa letter example template with the information it will contain for your reference:

Visa Letter Example

I have not yet secured my pass, can you provide me with a visa invitation letter before this?

We are only able to provide visa invitation letters to our registered delegates, however, we are happy to review exceptional requests and circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with our Delegates Team for further assistance by providing us with further details on your circumstances and requirements.

Finance & Payments

We answer all your finance and payment related queries

What currency do you accept and what are the accepted payment methods?

All payments must be made in EUR (€). We do not accept any other currency. Our system is set up so you can make your pass purchase online by using all of the below-mentioned methods. Note we are unable to accept payments any other way.

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • Bank Transfer / Invoicing functionality (note the deadline for making a payment via invoice is Midnight GMT Sunday 19th May 2024 (it will be unavailable from 00:01 Monday 20th May 2024)

I’d like to purchase my pass by making an invoice payment, how do I do this?

We can activate our bank transfer functionality for the email address associated with your account which will allow you to place your order online and trigger an automatic invoice which is sent via our Finance Team within 24 hours and which is due for immediate payment. Please email the Delegates Team to request this option be activated for your account.

Note you must place your order online first so a booking order can be created before our finance team is able to send you the invoice.

You’ll also be able to add a PO number to your invoice, if this is something you require please get in touch with our Finance Team to request this update to your invoice once you have placed your order.

By completing checkout via Bank Transfer you are entering a binding contract by which you are required to make payment in full. To find out more see our T&Cs.

Do you charge VAT on delegate passes and can I add my VAT number to my invoice?

Yes, all passes are subject to 21% Dutch VAT. This is paid directly to the Dutch government, however, companies based in the Netherlands with a valid Dutch VAT number are exempt from this and will need to get in touch with the Finance Team for further information and to arrange for this to be reimbursed, upon receipt of their valid VAT number. VAT may be reclaimable via your local tax representative for companies not based in The Netherlands.

At the checkout stage, there will be a free text field at the billing information section where you’ll be able to add your VAT number to reflect on your invoice. The format of the VAT number will be a 2-digit country code followed by a numeral sequence. Upon receipt of your tax invoice, the VAT number will be reflected, if you have any issues or additional questions please contact our Delegates Team.

I require an update to my invoice details, how can I do this?

Absolutely, we can assist you with any updates to do with the company name, company address, and name changes. Please get in touch with our Delegates Team including your booking order number and details of your request. Any requests received after Monday 20 May 2024 will be actioned by our Finance Team post-show. Note full invoice payment is still required in order to gain access to the show.

Note, once an invoice has been created we are unable to decrease the value or remove delegate passes as per our T&Cs.

What should I do if I run into an error message when attempting to make a payment online?

We are very sorry if you encounter an issue when attempting to make a payment. This might be due to a number of reasons and we have included the most common scenarios/messages below;

Example scenario 1: ‘For security reasons, we are unable to process your payment. Please contact your card provider before reattempting payment’ If you run into this error message, please reach out to your card provider to find out if there is any potential blocker on their side before making another attempt. Card providers could potentially stop your payment when it’s out of your residing country or in a different currency.

Example scenario 2: ‘The country you selected is under sanctions. This means you’ll need to purchase your pass using our Bank Transfer functionality, pending satisfactory sanction checks with our Finance Team. Please get in touch with our Delegates Team and we will be able to activate the invoice option for you and confirm next steps on how to secue your pass.

Example scenario 3: ‘I attempted to place the order but I ran into a blank page, what now? Go back to your orders screen to check if the pass is reflected in the purchased orders section of the page, if this is the case you have successfully placed your order. If the pass is still under the pending section of the page please do not reattempt payment and contact our Delegates Team as we will be able to advise you how to proceed.

For any scenarios that are not covered above please still get in touch with our Delegates Team directly by providing us with details of the error encountered so we can further assist you.

Accessing Your Pass and Changes

Need to make changes to an existing pass?

I already have a Money20/20 account but having trouble accessing it. What should I do?

Please select Forgotten Password and enter the email address you used to create your account. You will receive an automatic email to reset your password. Please ensure you have an existing account before resetting the password, alternatively you can simply create one by hitting Sign Up. If the issue still persists, please contact the Delegates Team.

My company has registered me for a pass but I am unable to locate it in my Money20/20 account, where is my pass?

If your pass was purchased by a colleague, the pass will show in their own Money20/20 account even if it’s registered under your name. Please rest assured that this doesn’t affect your access as long as your pass has been fully registered with your details and it can remain under the original booking contact’s account. If you are unsure whether a pass has been already purchased or registered on your behalf, please contact the Delegates Team for further assistance.

I’d like to move an existing pass booking to an alternative Money20/20 account, how do I do this?

Absolutely, our Delegates Team can help with this, please contact us with your request including the booking details and the original account holder’s details. Note we are unable to split passes from the same order into different booking accounts, all passes from the same order will be moved together.

I have provided names to all my delegates attending, will they receive an individual confirmation?

If the pass registrations are fully completed each delegate will receive a number of emails from our teams in the lead-up to the show, including relevant show information and top tips on how to make the most of their experience, Money20/20 Connect App login information when it launches, as well as their unique barcode email (a few days before the show) which will have information on how to collect their pass at Badge Pick Up when they arrive at the venue.

Can I change the name of a delegate and is there a deadline?

Yes, you can make a name change by hovering over the delegate’s pass from the My Orders section of your Pass Manager area and clicking on Options > Delegate details > Edit details > Replace Delegate and complete the details of the new delegate attending.

If you are unable to see this option, the replacement option might not be available for your pass type online or you might not be the login contact. Please reach out to the Delegates Team and provide the details of the new delegate attending including their full name, company name and address, job title, phone number, and email address for us to register.

There isn’t a deadline to make this change however it is no longer possible to make a name change via your online account from Midnight GMT Sun 2 June (from 00:01 GMT Mon 3 June).

It is also possible to make a name change onsite at Badge Pick Up as long as the badge has not yet been printed.

How can I add a photo to my pass?

You can hover over the delegate’s pass from the My Orders section of your Pass Manager, click the icon on the pass, and simply upload the picture from there. For security purposes and to ensure you can move easily around the venue, please make sure you upload a recent photo. The photo needs to be a minimum of 480 x 600 pixels in size and a passport-style (on a blank background), portrait layout jpg. For assistance, reach out to the Delegates Team.

I can no longer attend due to unforeseen circumstances, what are my options?

We are sorry to hear that you are unable to attend. All passes are non-refundable nor can they be transferred to another Money20/20 show as per our Terms & Conditions, which are accepted at the time of placing an order online. However, your pass(es) may be transferred to another person. There isn’t a deadline for this so it allows you a bit of time to find a replacement as the change can be made right up until the last day of the show.

In order to make changes to an existing registration, hover over the delegate’s pass from the My Orders section of your Pass Manager area and click on Options > Delegate details > Edit details > Replace Delegate and follow the steps on the screen. For further assistance please get in touch with our Delegates Team.

Dietary Requirements

How to submit a dietary requirement at the point of registration

I have specific dietary requirements, where can I add the note? Can I bring in my own food?

We at Money20/20 want to ensure that we are catering to you as best as possible. Please ensure that you add in your dietary booking requirements at the time of your booking registration by Friday 3 May 2024. You will see a designated field for this when registering your pass. If you did not book your own pass, please contact the Delegates Team with your dietary requirements, and we will add this in for you.

You will not be able to bring food into the venue but not to worry, your pass includes complimentary food and drink throughout the day at the venue.

Sponsorship Passes

Are you a confirmed sponsor for the show? Then this section is for you

I am interested in sponsorship opportunities, where can I find details of options/pricing?

To find out more about sponsorship options for Money20/20 Europe in 2024 please visit our Sponsoring in 2024 where you’ll be able to submit a sponsorship request. Please allow up to 2 working days for an Account Manager to contact you to discuss sponsorship packages.

We are confirmed sponsors, how do we register our allocated sponsor passes?

In order to access your sponsorship passes, and provide delegate details you'll need to:

  • Create a Money20/20 Account or Login if you already have one.
  • Navigate to your Pass Manager where you'll be able to see the passes under your purchased orders section.
  • To register each pass, click on 'Provide More Details', and repeat this action for all passes. The pass will show as 'Ready to Go' once all details have been added, including uploading a recent headshot. All passes must be registered in advance in order for you and your team to get access to the Money20/20 Connect App.
  • In the case of not seeing the passes when you login to your account, please contact our Delegates Team who will be able to assist. This might be because the Login Contact* is different. Note, the Login Contact is the designated pass manager. This contact is usually the primary logistics contact determined at the time of signing a sponsorship contract. This can be updated and our Delegates Team can move passes from one account to another, upon request.

I require assistance with logistics for our sponsorship, who can I contact?

If your query is relating to sponsor show logistics for confirmed sponsors please get in touch by emailing our Commercial Operations Team directly with your request.

We’d like to add additional passes to our sponsorship, can you send us an invoice?

If you’d like to purchase more delegate passes in addition to your already allocated sponsor passes, you can do so via our Pass Picker by selecting your desired passes and the quantity. You can select one of the available payment options including purchasing via invoice.

If you are purchasing individual passes you are welcome to use your unique sponsor discount, if you are unsure what this is please reach out to the Delegates Team and we will be able to provide it if applicable. If you are purchasing 5+ passes, you might be entitled to a higher discount through our group discounts which are calculated automatically upon purchase.

Money20/20 Connect App

Want to know more about our Money20/20 Connect App?

What is the Money20/20 Connect App and how do I access it?

All registered delegates will gain access to Money20/20 Connect App once it launches approximately a few weeks prior to the show. The instructions on how to access and download the App will be sent to your Money20/20 registered email. In preparation for this, we ask all registered delegates to also create a Money20/20 Europe account with the same email address that is registered on their Money20/20 pass. If the emails don’t match or if there is a typo, you will be unable to access the App platform and are likely to experience a delay.

I don’t want to appear on the Money20/20 Connect App. How do I opt out of networking?

You will have the option to opt in/out of networking from the My Orders section of your Pass Manager area. For any data privacy questions contact our Delegates Team.

Can you share the full Money20/20 attendee list?

All registered delegates will be able to view, sort, and filter the full attendee list in Money20/20 Connect App once it launches. Please note that due to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our internal policy states that we are unable to share or export, or disclose any delegate data or booking details, amongst other things, to individual sponsors and companies.

In the meantime, you are welcome to download our attending companies list. The list is updated periodically.

Will you share my personal data with third parties?

Money20/20 owns all rights to the attendee list and does not sell the list to third parties. Your information is confidential and we process it responsibly. We will only share personal data with our selected partners and sponsors to enhance the attendee experience. If required, personal data will be shared with public and/or governmental authorities, brands within Ascential, IT and analytics providers and/or agency partners.

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Here are all the ways you can get in touch

Need help planning for the show?

We've got you covered, find our Plan Your Trip section online. We want to ensure each and every delegate has the best possible experience at Money20/20. If you have specific needs that we can assist with, please let us know and we'd be happy to help.

How can I receive Money20/20 updates throughout the year?

If you wish to be on our mailing list, you can sign up for our newsletter and select the show(s) you’d like to hear about.

You can reach out to the Delegates Team using the details below:

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