When and where?




When and where?

4th –6th June 2018, The Rai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

RAI Amsterdam

Europaplein 2-22, 1078 GZ Amsterdam,
T: +31 20 549 1212
Website: https://www.rai.nl/nl

Getting to the Rai from Schiphol Airport
Trains from Schiphol Airport to the Rai are very quick and efficient, costing approx. €7 one way. All major credit cards are accepted. When buying your ticket from a kiosk, make sure you search for "Amsterdam Rai" to find the correct station.

Why Amsterdam?

After two brilliant years in Copenhagen, we decided it was time for a new adventure. Amsterdam, the beautiful and bustling capital of the Netherlands, has been a centre of creativity, commerce and culture for centuries. Today, it’s a fast growing hub of tech innovation with a strong financial sector and burgeoning startup culture. Where better to share our vision of the financial future?


An iconic international destination

There's a lot for Money20/20ers from around the world to explore in Amsterdam. The city is packed with cultural, historical and architectural delights - from museums and attractions to restaurants, cafes and nightlife, all of which we'll be enabling our delegates to be part of.


Plugged into the world

Amsterdam's combination of a strong financial sector, a fast-growing technology ecosystem and high adoption of new tech makes it the perfect breeding ground for FinTech. With over 350 companies active in the sector already in Amsterdam and a rapidly expanding startup scene, we can't wait for Money20/20 to be part of the Dutch FinTech community.


Accessible and connected

Amsterdam's connectivity is one of the major reasons why it's the perfect location for Money20/20 Europe. Amsterdam's airpot, Schipol, is one of the busiest hubs in Europe, linking directly to more than 300 international destinations, with exceptional public transport connections to the city and a taxi fleet that is 100% electric.

Money20/20 Europe's new venue, Amsterdam Rai, is just 8 minutes from the city centre and only 15 minutes from Schipol Airport, with all of Amsterdam's cultural and nightlife options within easy reach

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