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This is what's happening..

We’ve captured Europes biggest Fintech show, so you won’t forget it

Connections, conversations, innovations and deals are made at Money20/20 Europe and we are capturing a slice of the REAL LIFE action moments that are taking place NOW for you to enjoy. Check out just some of our highlights of fintech's greatest show.

Day 1 Highlights

The buzz, the energy, the content, the connections, day 1 was immense...

Day 2 Highlights

2 out of 3 aint bad when you're talking fintech.

Day 3 Highlights

And that's a wrap...until 2023!

Exclusive Backstage Interviews


Shopify supports and upholds the small businesses and entreprenuers so we can do all the shopping we want.


"It's one of the coolest conferences i've ever been to". No, we did not pay him to say that.


The Metaverse has Antoni very excited, he says what businesses should do to prepare. Oh, and he called us a top tier event, he isn't lying.


According to Valentin we should be talking about the super low competition in challenger banking.

That's right, OnlyFans were here

We got the inside scoop on the creator economy, check out their backstage interview. took over our stage

Peter shares his view on the biggest hurdles in the market over the next 5 years.

They said what?

Watch some of the big stage moments you wish you could rewind in real life to be sure you heard it right.

Deutsche + Google

These two headliners are leading the way with the first cloud native solution.


Who doesn't love a buy now pay later situation, but what are the tools customers need?


Helen talks about the ulitmate goal for blockchain


Johan breaks down how Zimpler considers the how, when and who.

Global Processing Services

Can you say orchaestration, flexibiltiy, resilience and competitiveness really fast?


We got the scoop on where the creator economy is heading next and why exactly they made that famous u-turn. You heard it here first folks...

It's VISA!

Charlotte Hogg CEO of Visa Europe took over our Big Picture Stage to cover why one of the world’s most established payments companies has made such a large acquisition in this area!


Ever wondered how AWS help their clients?

Nexi Group

Omar share's his opinion on a recent announcement here.


"Rabbit is food but a guinea pig is not"...the oddest fintech quote, but it makes sense when you hear what John is talking about.


Calculated risk, what is a reasonable level of risk? Tim shares his personal view.

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