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So this happened in 2021

We’ve captured fintech's biggest reunion, so you won’t forget it

Connections, conversations, innovations and deals are made at Money20/20 Europe and we captured a slice of the REAL LIFE action that took place during September 2021 in Amsterdam for you to enjoy. Whether you were lucky enough to experience it yourself or craving to know what happened, check out just some of our highlights of fintech's biggest reunion.

Relive the magical moments

This is what happened when the fintech community came together last September having three full days of connections, fintech insights and never ending wow moments. Join us in June at Money20/20 Europe, the place where fitech communities love to do business.

While it's impossible to capture every extraordinary moment...

We've tried our best. Check out our daily highlights caught on camera.

With Day Two it just kept getting better

The last day was no exception to the hype

"It's great to see everyone together again. The energy is amazing, everyone is so excited to be here making connections and continuing conversations. We've missed Money20/20, this truly is a reunion."

Ariana Nunes


Renda Maior

Just a snippet of the photo gallery

They said what?

Watch some of the big stage moments you wish you could rewind in real life to be sure you heard it right.

The Queen of Banking rocks the

Money20/20 Europe stage for the first time.

There will be two types of players in the future

Paolo Bertoluzzo in his keynote believes there will be two types of players, which one will you be?

0 to 60 in 5 years

No one should be sleeping on the fintech opportunity in Africa, Shola Akinlade talks about the growth his company has had.

Did Scarlett say $130,000,000 raised?

Money20/20's own Scarlett Sieber gave the audience goosebumps with this announcement.

All data is fair game

But how does the competitive landscape change? Keith Grose from Plaid makes an inspiring point.

This is a crash course in adding client value

Yael Barak keeps it simple with this approach to keeping your clients happy; crawl, walk, run.

The goal of every big brand

Is to create a financial relationship with consumers, Arik Shtilman says the trust will blossom

Listen to the kids

Create disruption, create change and watch the fan economy grow

Controversial: less privacy more innovation

In order to have better services we need more data

The 3 elements of data trust

Shail Deep tells us these elements in 30 seconds

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