Zignsec is a PSP (payment service provider) for Identities offering merchants online services to verify the true identity of their customers by a variety of identity methods including national eID-schemes (including highly popular brands like BankID & NemID), Online ID-scan, Register checks and Banking API. Zignsec offer its cloud based service forming an identity gateway of multiple identity methods to help merchants comply with current and future regulation.

Zignsec fully manage the technical connections, relationships with external providers and contractual agreements making the merchant less dependent and free from the task of maintaining several direct integrations, especially if operating internationally. By negotiating bulk deals Zignsec can often offer cheaper fees then if approaching each provider directly.

Furthermore Zignsec offer a unified user experience across all methods creating a smooth identity verification for the user totally agnostic to the methods aggregated and less development for the merchant. Other services provided to merchants across all connected methods, are unified reporting, certificate hosting and management, consultancy services and much more. 

Zignsec cover over 60 countries and more than five different types of identity methods.

Zignsec’s pricing model is based on transactional fees calculated from usage without unreasonable high setup fees or monthly commitments. It should be easy to get started and easy to grow big with Zignsec.

Customer are mainly found in the areas of financial services, iGaming and e-health operating under supervision of financial or other types of regulators.

Academy 2018

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