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Streeva, founded in 2015, is a fintech company that provides a secure payment communication platform that connects merchants with their customers through card payments outside of GDPR.

Delivering digital content such as receipts, tax benefits etc.. directly to their banking app, enabling both the merchant and the cardholder to communicate securely within the context of a transaction. As no customer data is used to provide content, no opt-in is required and remains outside of GDPR. Streeva gives merchants and banks a digital channel to allow cardholders to opt-in for services, which are within scope.

Streeva’s initial product Swiftaid® enables the automatic collection of Gift Aid on card charitable donations. To deliver this, Streeva has built collaborative relationships with many major financial companies and charities to help deliver a pilot. The focus is first to establish the Swiftaid proposition, then pursue other significant opportunities based on Streeva’s patent-pending technology.

Academy 2018

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