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Smart Engine - Digital Advertising for Payments 

Smart Ads powered by Smart Engine is a cloud-based ad and offers solution that enables merchants, brands, and advertisers to deliver relevant offers and messages to consumers through payment platforms every time they pay. 

Smart Engine enables a seamless customer journey across payment channels, bridging the gap between a customers' physical and digital journey. We integrate our merchant loyalty solution with Digital Banking, mPOS/POS, eCommerce, mobile payment/wallet delivering highly targeted and relevant offers to customers at the right time and place triggered by events and transactions. 

Smart Ads securely analyses and matches data given by the program owner to create highly relevant offers and high conversion rates for merchants. We constantly improve our analytics engine in order to guarantee highest conversion rates. 

Instant Smart Ads is our latest innovation, a breakthrough image recognition technology enabling consumers to buy directly from print, video and outdoor advertising by scanning products with Instant Smart Ads. After scanning, product details are instantly displayed, ready for purchase. Purchases can be completed in one click through integration with mobile payment platforms or ecommerce gateways. 

Build digital loyalty, increase customer retention, deliver real-time relevance, and do more business across payment channels with Smart Engine.

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