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OpSeeker is an AI powered financial coach that empowers young individuals to have money for a lifetime

Most young individuals dislike finances and the financial system, however it is more important than ever that they trust it so they can benefit from what it can offer. We want to fix this situation nudging and preparing young individuals to save and invest (the only way they will ensure their financial future). This is why we want to train neural networks that will allow us to understand better the users and also how to better communicate with each type of user in order to maximise the impact of our preparation and nudges.

We are millennials, Lucie (our CTO and full-stack developer)  is 28, Gonzalo (our CEO and behavioral finance expert) is 29 and Carlos (our CPO and AI expert) is 26. We are young people that understand the problem that our generation will experience if we don´t start saving and investing by ourselves. But we also have experience, Carlos Casanueva, our Non-executive chairman has over 25 years of experience as an executive of companies such as Citi or Santander.

The demographic pyramid is shifting and our lifespan isn´t going to stop growing. This is a quite dangerous combination when it is hard for politicians to take the measurements that would make economically sense and win elections at the same time. No-one wants to see their retirement age increased by 10 years or their taxes increased. The problem is that if these decisions are not made our generation will not have a proper pension and our life standards will dramatically decrease.

This is why we need to solve the problem by ourselves. We need to start investing for the future now or we will face one of the worse financial crisis ever. However, people cannot do it by themselves, the same way they cannot operate on themselves, change their own water pipes, or fix their own washing machines.

This is why we are creating the AI powered platform that will communicate with each user in his or her own language and make finance attractive and interesting once and for all. By achieving this we will be able to prepare and nudge young individuals to better dispose of their money, creating a better and more robust society in the process.

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