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Netcetera Nexperts

Netcetera, together with Nexperts, its newest acquisition in the Netcetera Group, offers payment solutions with a strong focus on convenience, security and mobile solutions. 

Banks and card issuers use our innovative products for NFC / HCE payment incl. SDK and backend services for scheme tokenization utilizing MDES, VTS and AETS, e-commerce checkouts, in-app payments including DSRP, 3-D Secure 1.0 and upcoming 2.0, risk analytics as well as white label digital banking and “Issuer Pay” apps. Acquirers use our merchant plug-in and mPOS solutions to offer e-commerce and mobile payments to merchants. 

Netcetera is headquartered in Switzerland with over 500 employees in nine international locations within the group. We operate 24/7 PCI-certified digital payment services covering all major card networks and serving over 25 million cards. 

Netcetera - Your partner for a converged and secure payment experience for any channel on any device

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