Superior credit scoring driven by data enrichment & advanced machine learning.

BeeEye was founded by banking/lending executives, data scientists and software engineers to empower financial institutions. By leveraging advanced machine learning techniques and data enrichment, lenders can achieve a more comprehensive and deeper view of their consumers.

The BeeEye Scoring Engine (SE) is continually learning and validating to assure the credit risk calculations are the most accurate scores available.

BeeEye’s groundbreaking solution incorporates public web-data with internal bank data to provide a secure, reliable and precise on-premises solution. BeeEye’s on-premise, fully compliant Scoring Engine enables the prediction in respect to both - existing customer-base and new potential customers.

The EyeOnRisk score improves consumer lending portfolios by providing less false rejection of good applicants and lower risk for the entire portfolio. EyeOnRisk provides transparency and model explain-ability to the lenders and regulators. BeeEye empowers the lender to customize and optimize the consumer credit scoring model, we take credit scoring out of the “Black-Box.”

Academy 2018

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