Shikko Nijland

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Shikko Nijland
Managing Partner, Innopay

Drs. Shikko Nijland MSc is owner and Managing Partner of Innopay. Innopay is an independent consultancy firm specialized in payments, digital identity and e-businesss. We believe digital technologies push us to innovate the way we create value and exchange it. Time and location are no limiting factors any more!

Prior to Innopay Shikko was Managing Director at Accenture and headed the growth strategy practice in the Netherlands. He has working experience in more than 20 countries including BRIC, Japan and all main ASEAN countries. Shikko is an expert in multi-sided platform innovation, fintech and growth strategy.

Since 2013 he is the chairman of the expert group Transactions 2020. This group consisting of 25 experts from major Dutch financial institutions and retailers was responsible for developing scenarios on how the Dutch consumers shop and pay in 2020. Shikko is also lead mentor at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam and in the advisory boards of various startups. He is also founding member of HollandFintech, this organisation aims to improve the innovation climate for fintech companies in The Netherlands.

He is a regular keynote speaker on major events like: Global e-Commerce Summit Barcelona, ETA Las Vegas, EPCA summit, Global Payment Summit Singapore, NFC mobile money, SAFF South Korea etc.

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016

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