Roy Smeets



Roy Smeets
CTO, Ingenico ePayments

Roy Smeets, Chief Technology Officer, Ingenico ePaymentsAs Chief Technology Officer for Ingenico ePayments, Roy Smeets leads all technology related activities within the ePayments unit. He is responsible for developing, running and advancing Ingenico ePayments’ payment platforms, with a passion for agile methodologies, shared services and motivating his team to take effective actions towards collaborative success. Roy has over 20 years of work experience as a professional technology manager. Before joining Ingenico ePayments, Roy was VP of R&D on the board of Redknee, an innovative real-time charging/billing/CRM firm. Prior to this, he held various senior positions in the telecom and media firms: Nokia-Siemens-Networks and Vodafone, focused on developing and implementing company-wide IT Solutions. Originally from the Netherlands, Roy currently lives in Maastricht with his wife, son and daughter.

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