Martin Hargreaves



Martin Hargreaves
Head of Product Strategy, VocaLink

Martin has been with  Vocalink for ten years, currently leading the International Product Team, and is responsible for Product Strategy across the International and Access portfolios. Before moving to the International portfolio, Martin was Head of Future Services at VocaLink, developing Access products and responsible for new product development. For Martin, innovation is at the core his day to day role at Vocalink.

He has a mixed Product and Technical background, having served as Head of Technical Architecture, and other roles in the IT function; which combined with his passion for technology helped him become a  specialist on payment systems and overlay services – VocaLink Immediate Payment Solution, UK FPS, UK Bacs, SEPA, and services such as PayM and Pay By Bank App. His expert understanding of payment systems, paired with his ability to cut through technical jargon makes him the go-to person for product strategy and development. 

Prior to joining Vocalink, Martin was co-founder of two tech start-ups, and consulted on highly resilient service design and delivery. Martin’s mission at Vocalink is simple- to help the business strengthen its position as a global payments partner and support its international expansion efforts. 

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