Julie Connor



Julie Connor
PSD2 Group Business Lead, Bank of Ireland

Julie has worked on various EU legislation related to payments such as SEPA as well as PSD2 and the associated Regulatory Technical Standards. She has spent over ten years working in technology working in insurance, software simulation, image analysis as well as financial services. She has spent the last 10 years working in financial services directly, focussing specifically on payments. She participates in various fora at both national and European level and would be recognised among her peers as an expert on EU payments related legislation and how it impacts banking. Currently she participates on PSD2 related initiatives in Ireland and Europe focussing on what’s required to facilitate PSD2 Open Banking. As well as poring over the legal requirements her approach is to identify the most pragmatic way of achieving compliance with the best possible outcome for the bank’s customers. In other words to leverage opportunity within the ever increasing regulatory environment through collaboration within the growing ecosystem.

Speaking History

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