Dr. Louise Beaumont



Dr. Louise Beaumont
Advisor, Publicis Groupe, Chair Open Banking, techUK

Dr Louise Beaumont has a number of perspectives on the Open Future:

  • As Strategic Advisor to the Publicis Groupe and their clients on Open Banking, imagining the Open Future that consumers and small businesses deserve.
  • As Co-Chair of techUK’s Open Banking & Payments Working Group, making the case for Financial Services policies capable of delivering the future that consumers and small businesses deserve.
  • As a member of the New Payments System Operator’s End User Advisory Council, advising on FinTech.
  • As a member of Working and Stakeholder Groups at the Open Banking Implementation Entity, arguing for the sound foundations required to deliver the services consumers and small businesses deserve.

She is also an investor in and advisor to start-ups in FinTech, AdTech and Millennial Podcasting.

Speaking History

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