David Gudjonsson

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David Gudjonsson
CEO & Co-Founder, Handpoint

I grew up with computers (Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore64 and Amiga) but only got my first mobile phone and internet access once I was at the University of Iceland (1996). From that moment the path was clear and I co-founded an internet company in '97 building one of world's first CMS's (sold in '99 – good timing!). Co-founded a "smartphone" company in 1999 that built handheld software and mobile POS solutions for airlines (on PalmOS, WinCE), which pioneered mobile POS with Chip&PIN payments for UK retailers (incl. Argos and Man. Utd. stadium) as our vision was that mPOS would change the world of retail and payments forever. And we were was right (told you so!) – mobile POS, which we now call NextGenPOS, is kicking out cash registers and changing everything. Handpoint is powering that change.

Speaking History

Speaker at Money20/20 Europe 2016; Speaker at Money20/20 Las Vegas 2013

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