General Sessions: Keynote stage




General Sessions: Keynote stage

13:10 - 15:25 | Tuesday 27 June
| Keynote

Intro to content, trends for 2017,  industry sentiment

Nexledger, commercialising blockchain: Towards digital identities, loyalty programs and beyond

As large scale developments built on the blockchain move from proof of concept to real world implementations, hear from one of the world’s largest tech companies share their brand new platform, Nexledger. Samsung SDS, the ICT services and solutions arm of the Samsung Group, have developed a blockchain platform ready to be deployed to monetise customer loyalty programs and create seamless user experience for digital identity. Dr Hong will share Samsung SDS’s blockchain strategy and the roadmap for new developments, such as logistics, supply chain and IoT.

Strategies for Identity Management and Authentication in the New Open Banking Environment

"In this new collaborative eco-system, both banks and new fintech players share a common interest to strongly authenticate customers. With the explosion of digital channels and device meta-data generation, and the rise of behavioral analytics, machine learning can help create risk-based authentication models that lead to outstanding customer experiences.
In light of PSD2, strategies should combinetransparent security and strong authentication to unleash the potential of open banking. And biometrics can help turn previously clunky experiences into great ones.
In this session, Gemalto will unveil a new service that makes it quick and easy for any bank to create a great customer experience that is more secure than ever before."

Solving customer’s pain points

Giulio Montemagno knows how to ensure the customer remains the focal point: As the General Manager for Amazon Pay in Europe he tackles customer pain points on a daily basis. His keynote will convey a versatile, fresh and integrated vision for retail and payments in a time where businesses globally face the challenges of consumers that are used to instant gratification, personalisation and an abundance of choice.

Disruptive Innovation: Impact on Payments

The only constant is change! Visa’s European region, one year post acquisition by its global parent Visa Inc., is making big changes and striking up new, strategic partnerships that are helping to accelerate digital commerce across Europe. Watch this space as Visa is opening up its global network to an entirely new  generation of payments participants, enabling innovators and developers to dream up new ways to pay, and helping to meet consumer and merchant demand for a simpler and more secure purchase experience. 

What’s Next for Payment and Loyalty Experiences

"How can our everyday purchases – in-app, online and in store – be connected? With hundreds of millions of credit and debit cards already saved on Google accounts, learn how to make it easier for your customers to pay with Google. In this candid fireside chat hear from David Birch and Gerardo Capiel who will discuss new ways to help your customers pay and earn loyalty points seamlessly across multiple channels. They’ll also explore new solutions for merchants and financial institutions to increase sales and customer engagement before, during and after payment."

From quantum physicist to Schwarzenegger’s Advisor to Fintech founder:  Why you have greater access than ever to the secret to success

What do the financial crisis, Brexit and the rise of FinTech all have in common? They have served as a catalyst for a dramatic shift in the balance of power: from traditional sources of information and firmly back into the hands of customers and innovators. Digital transformation is heralding a new era of skillsets, career paths, and business models – and many long-held views have been turned on their heads. Join internationally-renowned entrepreneur Gemma Godfrey as she shares personal anecdotes and real business examples, to uncover secrets to success in an ever-changing digital landscape. Using a strategy available to the many but implemented by the few, get ready to challenge your preconceptions and see opportunities in a whole new light!

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