General Sessions: Keynote Stage




General Sessions: Keynote Stage

13:38 - 15:15 | Monday 26 June
| Keynote

Opening from the chair

Enabling the Fintech revolution: Incubation.Investment.Growth

Founded in 2007, Rocket Internet has grown to over 28,000 employees in 100+ countries across its network of companies in the online and mobile retail and services sector.  Today Oliver Samwer, CEO of Rocket Internet, has set his sights on the financial services. Hear from one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe, as he shares his views on the Fintech revolution and which industry verticals are ripe for disruption.  Having scaled multiple digital businesses across multiple markets, Oliver will share insight on what works and the lessons learned.

Everything else is changing: why isn’t your bank?

The accelerating decline in the number of bank branches, the boom in banking apps, regulatory changes and the proliferation of successful FinTech companies are proof that technologies are transforming the finance industry faster than many anticipated. Antony Jenkins and Oliver Bussmann, who both have made the journey from C-Suite to Fintech entrepreneur, will discuss the key factors that are both disrupting the underlying market infrastructure and creating a much more open ecosystem, and explore how financial institutions need to transform themselves amid dramatically changing consumer expectations and mass adoption of new technologies.

The magic combination to shape the future of payments 

The convergence of our physical and digital, civil and commercial lifestyles has resulted in the proliferation of one of our most valuable assets: our identities. As transactions become more complex, involving not only people but also the connected objects with which they interact, new threats emerge. Knowing who is behind an account, a user name and all the variety of objects used for transactions becomes critical to protect individuals. Recently, Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) have joined forces to create a world leader in digital security & identification technologies. Hear from Didier, the CEO of OT-Morpho, how convenience, continuity between the physical and digital world, mission-critical security and the human factor will be the magic combination to shape the future of payments.s.

Transforming Services For a Connected World

Our homes, cars, workplaces will all be connected – and become smarter by being able to communicate and take action on a consumer’s behalf. In the connected world safety and quality are the table-stakes, but customer experience rules all. There are many debates today centred around if, when and how all this will happen. Hear from Peter Koo as he shares the current progress made in executing the Samsung vision, providing insights on the journey to leverage synergies between various propositions such as Connect, Health, Pay, Bixby, Family Hub, with the goal of delivering differentiated services to customers’ living rooms, kitchens, cars, and mobile devices. 

The next evolution of the trusted sharing economy.

"Estimated to grow from $15 billion to $335 billion in revenues globally within 10 years, the sharing economy goes from strength to strength. The key sectors dominate, ranging from peer-to-peer accommodation right through to online staffing, but this is set to proliferate over the coming five years, which begs the question what’s next and what will the role and value be? Specifically what will the future of travel look like and how is Airbnb opening up its platform to grow its community of microentrepreneurs? Hear from Kiki and Lex as they share their insights on the importance of trust and how data can lead to more personalised experiences across the sharing economy."

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