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Track session

Announcements, Insights & Case Studies

16:50 - 17:40 | Wednesday 28 June
| Track room 5

16:40 16:50 Secure banking values – can payments with the mobile phone be secured?

Mobile phones will be the dominating devices for payment transactions for end customers in the future. In this session, G+D Mobile Security will cover the open battle of convenience vs security on mobile devices – not only mobile banking! Securing mobile devices for payment transactions is THE key for trust in the payment ecosystem.  

16:50 17:00 Evolution of Fintech: From creating a better UX and bringing transparency to developing new sophisticated tech-driven products.

The first Fintech wave brought many tech startups into the spotlight by challenging long-established banks and their antiquated products. For FinTechs, this meant coupling lower rates and transparent prices with a superior user experience. However, in the long-run, banks will have the resources to react to these threats; through reducing prices or allocating tonnes of money to UI/UX. Philippe Gelis explores a reality that implies that the future of FinTech relies on the creation of sophisticated tech-driven products, i.e. new solutions which are sticky and hardly replicable.

17:00 17:10 Yolt: introducing the smart money management platform

Yolt is a smart money management platform built to harness the power of Open Banking and PSD2. Yolt (a FinTech owned by ING bank N.V.) was born in 2016 and is currently available in beta in the UK. In his presentation Frank Jan will share the journey of building  Yolt and his vision on money platforms.

17:10 17:20 Open Payments Cloud: Open for Business

Alex Mifsud, CEO of Ixaris will discuss how the Open Payments Cloud (OPC) will revolutionise the open payments industry benefiting the whole payments value chain. The OPC will enable an explosion in the development of payment applications, addressing the full range of customer needs whilst industrializing integrity, security and compliance. Commercial payments are open for business.

17:20 17:30 Bank millennials

Rocketbank is a 100% mobile-only bank from Russia. Their 150K+ active customers are millenials: young and already earning money. To attract them they have come up with a new banking paradigm: to be more like a creative agency and IT-company than the bank as you used to think of. Rocketbank will share what they've learned and how to create a bank for millenials in your country.

17:30 17:40 Subscription economy in emerging markets: How allpago and ZUORA are shaping the landscape

The 100 bn Latin American e-Commerce market with 121 million online shoppers and 70% specific local payment methods represents a huge opportunity with very concrete challenges. allpago and ZUORA will announce their partnership which enables global companies to access the Latam subscription economy by delivering the best multi-channel experiences and services, from payments to delivery, to create predictable and recurring revenue streams.

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