The summer starts now

This year we're bringing Money Beach Club into the fold as a fully integrated part of the show, to be enjoyed day and night. Because grabbing some fresh air, with a cocktail in hand is a great way to rub shoulders with fintech's brightest minds. So pack your sunglasses and business cards and meet us at Money Beach to:

/ Take part in renowned content sessions, led by top fintech leaders at the waterfront.

/ Network with the who’s who of the industry from morning to dusk. (spoiler: we have pedalos!)

/ Meet the next industry unicorns - 30 startups that have been specifically chosen to participate in our brand new startUps program: The StartUps Hangout at Money Beach Club.

and so much MORE!

We'll be dropping teasers to more of the experiences taking place at Money Beach so make sure you check back soon.

Let's go!
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Take a look at what we've got in store for you

/ The Close-Up Stage: Immerse yourself in electrifying conversations with rockstar speakers in an intimate setting, and catch innovative startup insights from the nearby Startups' Hangout.

/ Money Beach Club Retreat: Recharge with a smoothie and unwind in recliners and swinging chairs, all within a beach-inspired environment.

/ Startups' Hangout: Explore the driving forces of our industry with creative booths showcasing money’s groundbreaking startups.

/ Pedalos: Enjoy leisurely rides with friends and peers, or join organized cohort gatherings for unconventional meetings.

/ Communities Gatherings: Experience 'purposeful serendipity' at the Lilly Pad, where focused cohorts connect and network.

Picture yourself here!

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Check out the highlights

Want to see the networking in action? Check out the gallery and see what fintech connecting from dawn to dusk looks like.

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