Money20/20 Europe delivers the insights organisations need to revolutionize the payments and financial services industry. Through extensive research and close discussion with our audience, we've identified the 12 themes that will be key for the year ahead and beyond. Across the agenda, we'll be exploring:
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Banking Transformation
Banking is experiencing a never-ending transformation. International tech giants pose a real disruptive threat to the status quo and banks need to be proactive, not reactive. Can banks redesign to innovate internally or should they be looking for digital native partners? Is it time to build something entirely new? Expect to hear case studies from market leaders exploring best practice in everything from overcoming legacy (systems, processes and people!) to physical and digital channel transformation.
Platform Ecology
Payments Evolution & Innovation
The future of payments remains uncertain. There is still much ground to be covered and much work to be done to ensure that frictionless, secure payments are front and centre of the customer experience. Join us at Money20/20 Europe 2019 to hear first-hand from the innovators shaping the future of payments across Europe and across the globe.
Platform Ecology
Platform Ecology
The concept of the one-stop-shop is fully realised in the SuperApp. These products seamlessly integrate all aspects of consumers’ online lives – social, navigation, search and increasingly commerce and payments. With the rise of these tech platforms, we’ll explore how other providers are making space for themselves in these ecosystems, whether through partnership or competition. What are the opportunities presented by open banking initiatives and API integrations and will regulation disrupt or enhance SuperApp growth?
Cyber security
Cyber Security & Risk Management
Prepare to discuss the future evolution of risk models for organisations of all sizes and demystify the emerging technologies and approaches that should be in a Risk Manager’s toolkit. We will explore the new developments being made in regulation and governance and debate the necessity of industry consortia in the fight against cyber criminals, ensuring you equip yourself with knowledge from the front lines of financial crime.
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Data Driven Innovation
Regulation across Europe provides greater access to data with one hand and stringently regulates it with the other, meaning that financial services must walk the tightrope between innovation and compliance. Money20/20 Europe will examine strategies for navigating the data deluge post PSD2 and take an in-depth look at financial cloud technology, big data and analytics for the both the back office and product development.
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Transformational Technology
Explore the business case for disruptive technologies in financial services, the new sources of value and business models they enable and their impact on the wider ecosystem. We will bring together policy-makers and leading authorities to debate the ethical implications of nascent technologies: whether it is how to govern and apply AI benevolently or examining the human implications of an increasingly automated workforce, Money20/20 Europe will be getting under the skin of technological shifts to ensure you keep up with the innovations that matter today, tomorrow and in ten years’ time.
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Future Commerce
Gain valuable insight from merchants and technologists on emerging commerce models and the solutions that will enable them. Join us to outline the future of connected commerce, from advances in AI to the digital transformation of PoS terminals and from the rise of micro-transactions in online gaming to new social commerce models and supply chain finance. We will explore the solutions, from data-driven innovations to in-store transformation, meeting customers’ multichannel needs, driving demand and creating frictionless, connected commerce.
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Identity & Authentication
Money20/20 Europe will explore how government initiatives are revolutionising secure citizen identity and providing access to the formal financial system. Get ready to deep-dive into the regulations driving change across Europe and explore the bleeding-edge tech and cutting-edge companies leading the market. We will bring together the businesses looking to share data for development and examine the role of digital ID in securing trust and preventing fraud.
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Regulation & Compliance
Money20/20 Europe will explore the innovations in compliance technologies, mapping out the deals being made, and the efficiencies gained by first movers. We'll examine international efforts to upskill regulators’ capabilities to respond to market movements and accelerate accurate reporting. We’ll be widening the lenses to take a global view of regulatory initiatives; from the complexities of cryptocurrency and fraud management, to global vs local sandboxes and of course, the step into Open Banking.
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Marketing & Communication
Money20/20 Europe will bring together practitioners focussed on the advertising and marketing needs of FinTechs, offering case studies with tangible outcomes, practice advice from scale-ups who have successfully utilised marketing and advertising to build consumer trust and an engaged user base at low costs. Learn from established players and creative talent on how to execute and scale a marketing campaign, define and target your audience to effectively generate revenue, drive consume loyalty and grow your brand.
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Entrepreneurship & Investing
The next generation of financial services is always on the horizon and no one wants to overlook the next big thing. Money20/20 Europe will bring together the leading CVCs and VCs to understand their forward strategies alongside cutting edge product demos from the best up and coming startups that are changing the face of financial services. We’ll deliver learnings from the entrepreneurs that have been there, done that, and hit the big time and from those who had to start again.
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Inclusive Finance and Globalisation
Money20/20 will explore the business models and strategies that create value both commercially and socially. How can financial services respond to the increasing customer demand for sustainable investment and what are the corporate social responsibility methods that are leading the way? Understand the learnings we can take from global emerging markets and the Tech4Good that’s creating a more inclusive financial world.

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