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Are you a dynamic thought leader, a slick MC, a lively innovator, or a major influencer? Check out answers to some of the questions you might have when applying to be one of our speaker rockstars at Money20/20 Europe here. Although our applications for 2023 are now closed, perhaps you can see yourself on one of our legendary stages in 2024.


Smooth Interactions

Customer expectations have only increased in demand in the last 12 months, from better UX to a wider choice in the market. It means companies who have a place in the customer’s financial journey are now finding themselves in a competitive arena. The opportunities are endless, at the show we heard all about the successful frictionless experiences and innovations taking place this year.

Sectors we explored in this theme included; AI, Large Language Models, WealthTech, Open banking and much more.


Strategic Decisions

Across the past 18 months economic, geopolitical, and social volatility has ignited conversation around ‘business models’, ‘profit’ and ‘revenues’ in the financial technology ecosystem – terms that for so long seemed taboo. Fintechs who’d been eager for rapid market share, both home and abroad, at the expense of turning a profit have found their business models left in the lurch.


Unexpected Finance

Fintech in its purest form has centred purely on disrupting financial ecosystems so it’s no surprise that ripples have been felt across complementing industries. This is where the speed of a payment, the ability to personalise finance and being able to provide a tailored product solution really matters. It’s these pockets of unexpected finance which will continue to ripen throughout 2023.

As new markets and providers continue to put pressure onto established players, this theme focused on the places where unexpected finance can deliver.


The Socio-economic impact

The pandemic offered a catalyst for social change. From quiet quitting to actual quitting, talent in the market chopped and changed more quickly than ever before. The average tenure of a worker in fintech dropped from 1.6 years in 2019 to just 1.4 years in 2022, but as recession bites, jobs have been lost and the tide has turned. And that’s before we even look at diversity. It was time to acknowledge that the industry has a people problem.


Thinking Differently

At Money20/20, we pride ourselves in being different and showcasing ideas, formats, stages, you name it, that is unlike anything you have ever seen at a fintech show. Put simply, at Money20/20 we are all about the experience.


Call For Content Webinar

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