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The ultimate guide to convincing your boss

We don’t need to convince you that Money20/20 Europe is the only fintech event you need. However, we do know that sometimes it’s hard to make a case with your boss. That’s where we come in. We’ve designed the ultimate “convince your boss” starter pack. From questions to show stats, we have all the responses you need to make your pitch.

Brace yourself! These are just some of the arguments you’ll hear against going to Money20/20 Europe.

#1 What Your Boss Will Say: “This is too expensive.”

It goes without saying that your boss will want to know how much a delegate pass will cost your business. Money20/20 is a premium event with a premium price tag.

Your pitch: Focus on ROI, not cost

Your boss is right to think about cost BUT your pitch should focus on the ROI rather than cost. Here are some of our impressive stats on the show.

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Still need to convince your boss?

There’s power in numbers. We offer group discounts too, see how much you can save if you bring your colleagues.

Number of passes Discount per ticket Total saving
5 to 9 €100 €500 - €900
10 to 19 €200 €2,000 - €3,800
20 to 29 €300 €6,000 - €8,700
30+ €400 €12,000+

#2 What Your Boss Will Say: “What about the content?”

Money20/20 is the place where the industry forward together. Our community has no time for sales pitches or wannabe influencers. Only leaders, pioneers and visionaries deliver content at our show.

Your pitch: Show them the agenda themes

Get a sneak preview of what fintech’s greatest community will be talking about this September in Amsterdam with a first look at our agenda themes.

#3 What Your Boss Will Say: “The show doesn’t appeal to our demographic, not for us”

It’s a common misconception that Money20/20 Europe only attracts banks. Wrong!

Your pitch: Show our impressive attendee stats

There is no other place in the world that brings the entire Financial Services ecosystem together. Get a breakdown of the type of audience we attract.

#4 What Your Boss Will Say: “Are people even going?”

We know last year was tough and your boss might be still sceptical about attending in-person events.

Your pitch: Show them the attendee list (we update it weekly!)

We bring who really matters in fintech to the show - our speakers, attendees and exhibitors are game-changers. From industry giants and rising superstars to scrappy startups and disruptive innovators, our attendee list is growing every day! Check out who’s attending.

#5 What Your Boss Will Say: “What about safety, is it safe?”

Your boss is right to be concerned about your health and safety and so are we!

Your pitch: Take a look at our COVID-19 Safety Plan

We’ve introduced a range of new safety measures, so when you attend Money20/20 Europe you (and your boss) can have every confidence that we are taking all the responsible precautions to keep you safe.

#6 What Your Boss Will Say: "What do people say about the show?"

This is where the industry gets business done, and our community couldn’t agree more.

Your pitch: Show them the customer testimonials

Check out what some of the biggest names have to say about Money20/20.

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