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Yorick Naeff

CEO and Co-Founder, BUX

Leader of Europe’s fastest growing neobroker

After starting his career in investment banking, he made his way to neobrokerage as one of the first hires at BUX. From day one, Yorick was responsible for the mobile broker’s operations and during this time he designed a business made to scale.

Yorick believes that to shape the future of investing, fintechs need to understand the motivations of future generations. As a millennial, he personally understands the changing relationship that younger generations have with money and is applying this next gen mindset to tailor BUX products and services to a generation that is looking for better ways to build future wealth.

His vision for BUX is to not only build the tools that people need to start investing, but to ensure that customers are also empowered with the knowledge to build up wealth for later.

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What will Yorick speak about?

Why traditional financial institutions should think about expanding their product offerings.

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