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Becoming a Money20/20 sponsor delivers you matchless impact and visibility with thousands of visionaries, decision makers, influencers and press. Through our branded opportunities and experiences, you will engage, educate, captivate and collaborate with the audience building what’s next in money. This is your unfair advantage.

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Why sponsor in 2021?

  • Fuel your pipeline for the year ahead.
  • Get the eyes of thousands of decision makers on your brand through bespoke opportunities and experiences at every size and scale.
  • Carve out space for the most critical conversations of your year, plus the ones you never knew were out there.
  • Amplify your biggest announcements on money’s most talked about stage. The press are waiting for your mic drop moment.
  • Gain your unfair advantage with early access to our networking app.

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What’s the ROI? Our customers say it best

"Our statistics showed we had over 60% of the total audience visiting our stand over three days, with an average dwell time of 10mins (way above average for most conferences)."

Victoria Perea-Usher

Head of Marcomms Europe

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M20E20 Sponsor

"We do a huge amount of business at Money20/20. We’ve signed contracts on the exhibition floor."

Richard Harris

EVP Head of Global Sales