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There is zero marketing spiel on this page

Only what our community has to say about us

Sure, we could write a buzz wordy blurb of what Money20/20 delivers. But our community says it far better than we can.

OCR Labs

"We're extremely excited about Money20/20 this year. We've recently broken into the European market and see Money20/20 as the ideal place to introduce ourselves to a key growth audience whilst being able to sample the latest thought leaders."


"Money20/20 is the absolute place for future collaboration. If you are not there, it's like you do not exist. We will be there!"


"We believe that engaging with like-minded professionals and establishing powerful partnerships is one of the major key components of working within the FinTech sector and Money20/20 Europe is here for us to do that and MORE! Who knows? Perhaps Wallester will be part of the next revolutionary collaborations which take place at Money20/20!"


"Our team is excited to finally be back at live events and network with other forward-thinking visionaries in the fintech and payments industry. We're looking forward to meeting first-class merchants and building the future of payments together!"

Enterprise Estonia

"Our team can't wait to experience the revolutionary floorplan, meet industry leaders for a coffee in the connection lounge, and showcase the potential of crowd-based payments testing at our booth."


"At Veridas, we are very excited for Money20/20 for several reasons, but the most important being the chance to reconnect with the most important players in the industry after almost two years of a global pandemic. There have been difficult times for everyone but we have been lucky enough to grow as a company during this period and Amsterdam will be a great opportunity to celebrate this."

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