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There is zero marketing spiel on this page

Only what our community has to say about us

Sure, we could write a buzz wordy blurb of what Money20/20 delivers. But our community says it far better than we can.


"It’s a big plus, we have the opportunity to get to everyone, at the same time, in the same place, to make our business known, and to make connections with potential customers and partners."


"Money20/20 gives you a unique opportunity to connect with companies and people that you usually would not see, all in one place."


"It’s a rare occasion to be able to get up front and personal with both existing customers, and also the potential of the FinTech marketplace, that you really can’t do in any other place. Those who aren’t here will regret not having attended."

"This is where things happen, this is where people get serious, this is where real connections are made - this is where the future is deployed."


"The atmosphere is really lively, full of the FinTech spirit that we really love – it’s also a really cosy environment, where you can really go into detail and talk about the future of banking."


"In the end, when it comes down to partnering, you need to have a trusting element - for that, you need to be able to sit down face-to-face."


"Money20/20 is the absolute place for future collaboration. If you are not there, it's like you do not exist."


"We believe that engaging with like-minded professionals and establishing powerful partnerships is one of the major key components of working within the FinTech sector and Money20/20 Europe is here for us to do that and MORE! Who knows? Perhaps Wallester will be part of the next revolutionary collaborations which take place at Money20/20!"

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