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21 - 23 September 2021, Amsterdam

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A sneak peek from our very own Event Director, Sophie

With Money20/20 Europe just around the corner, my (very excited) team and I wanted to give you a sneak peek into how our plans are progressing.

Over 3,000 people are already confirmed for the show, joining us from across Europe and beyond and from over 1,000 companies. This week alone we’ve seen BBVA, London Stock Exchange, Mambu, PagoNxt, Visa and a whole roster of other fintech power players join the list of attending companies.

For every Money20/20 show we run, a sizable proportion of our audience books tickets in the final weeks leading up to the event, so we’re looking forward to seeing our community grow even further every day. With Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Europe marching steadily towards full reopening, the industry’s pent-up energy is finally going to have an outlet.

Our agenda is shaping up to be the most valuable one yet. Throw off any preconceptions you have about what conference content looks like: Money20/20 is where fintech’s biggest hive mind gathers to have the conversations and make the decisions that will shape the future of the industry, and the products and services the world will be using in 5 years’ time. No passengers allowed.

We’ve got an incredible lineup of speakers joining us to kick off critical conversations across 5 key themes:

/ The what: Creating products you can’t imagine Good businesses create products for themselves. Great businesses create products with their customers in mind. Excellent businesses create products for the world their customers live in.

/ The who: Defining a new cast In our quest to build entirely new categories of products, who do we want at the table?

/ The how: Developing a regenerative gene After we know what we want to build and who we want to build it with, comes the most important part: how to make a scalable business out of it.

/ The where: Designing an intelligent environment We have the power to architect the environment we are building within. This is our domain: what do we want it to look like?

/ The what next: Finding problems for solutions Edge-case technologies need oxygen, nourishment and dialogue to grow into the transformational tools of the future.

And it wouldn’t be Money20/20 if we didn’t have some secret sauce to splash all over everything too. You’ll have to be there to see what we’ve got planned - there’s no digital equivalent to an experience like Money20/20.

See you in Amsterdam! Sophie & Team 20/20

Sophie Wawro Event Director, Money20/20 Europe

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