Erik Stadigh

Co-Founder & CEO, Lune

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Climate impact

Consumers everywhere are looking for visibly climate-friendly services. Businesses are waking up to this, but the financial services space is lagging behind most other sectors. It's almost impossible to get climate-friendly financial services today even though 70%+ of consumers would choose a "green payments method" that tackles climate change. At the same time, payments companies and banks all struggle with a lack of differentiation. At the heart of every transaction, payments/banks/fintechs are perfectly positioned to use their products and platforms to drive massive positive impact.

A single payments company or bank can drive exponential positive impact. At the same time, these businesses differentiate, attract new climate-conscious customers, increase customer engagement and customer loyalty. Climate positive customer experiences result in commercial growth. Sustainability is no longer a cost centre but the future of business growth.

What will Erik speak about?

Building financial products that just so happen to be climate positive - can it even be done?

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