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Taavi Tamkivi

CEO & Founder


Taavi Tamkivi is the founder and CEO of Salv, an Estonian-based regtech founded in 2018. Passionate about crime-fighting, Taavi has two decades of compliance experience – firstly leading Skype’s anti-fraud team, and then building Wise’s anti-money laundering team and tooling. At Skype, he learned the challenges of managing and analysing massive data sets, at Wise, the value of building iterative, fast-scaling tooling that meets the needs of the ever-changing fincrime landscape. At Salv, Taavi is marrying these experiences with an unswerving determination to beat financial crime – by building faster, smarter, data-driven cross-border technology. Outside of Salv, Taavi is a board member and head of the AML working group at the European Fintech Association, and the fintech lead for Finance Estonia. At home, Taavi is a father to four children and is an avid hiker and canoeist.

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