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Shyamal Patel

Head of Product

Sommelier Finance

Shyamal has a masters in high performance computation from USC and then joined VMware as lead dev on the linux kernel device drivers. After doing product management at Berkeley he became one of the first PMs for NSX ( networking and security ) business of VMware. He left VMware and co founded a machine learning startup (Nuntio Labs) for optimization of placement and AI guided content creation.Right after that, Shyamal has been involved with PE backed portfolio companies in cloud infrastructure space and helping them manage over 50m in yearly revenue and launching new cloud division and multiple successful products from ideation. Shyamal got involved in blockchain space through close friends who have been cofounders of consensys backed startups since 2017. He joined Sommelier late last year and has been helping to bring the cellars (strategies) to market with solid tokenomics, fees, and great user experience for all users.

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