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Sam Everington

CEO of Engine by Starling

Starling Bank

Sam Everington is CEO of Engine, Starling Bank's Software-as-a-Service arm. Engine delivers Starling's market leading cloud native banking platform to financial institutions around the world. Previously, Sam led the development and design of the highly scalable, modular and cloud native core banking platform that powers Starling. He knows the technology inside out and understands how much it can bring to other organisations.

Sam began his career as a software engineer, designing and delivering features for an accounting package during the school holidays. After a degree in Chemistry, much of which was spent building software, he joined a software consultancy and worked in almost every area from sales, requirements definitions and process design to implementation and support.

He joined Starling in 2016 to deliver the systems required to launch Starling current accounts, excited by the opportunity to deliver rapid product and technical innovation to disrupt a slow-moving and change averse sector.

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