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Ruth Wandhöfer

Chair PSR Panel


Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer

Global 50 Fintech Influencer, Bank/Technology/Exchange PLC NED, Partner Gauss VC, Published Author, Chair UK PSR Panel, Paid Public Speaker on CBDCs/Payment Infrastructure/Regulation, Advisor to and ETPPA, CIO GC Partners

Ruth has been instrumental in shaping the future of finance during her impressive career over the last 20 years. She operates at the nexus of finance, technology and regulation and is passionate about creating the digital financial ecosystem of the future. She is a very influential female leader in the technology space, promoting the understanding, deployment and business models of our digital future across financial markets and processes.

With a diverse career across regulatory policy development, banking, Fintech/Regtech mentoring, investing and consulting she finds herself at the centre of the evolving digital ecosystem of players with the ability to advise, accelerate, promote and enable technology players to become an integral part of the new financial ecosystem.

Appears in:

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