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Nancy Zayed


MagicCube, Inc.

Nancy Zayed is cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of MagicCube, a security startup which has created a software alternative to microchips' secure element, the standard for safely storing sensitive data and authenticating whoever needs access to it.

MagicCube’s first product, i-Accept, enables merchants to accept contactless cards and mobile wallets on off-the-shelf devices—at “card present” rates and without transaction amounts limits for consumers.

Prior, Nancy led Engineering and Operations at innoPath, where she managed the global engineering and service teams responsible for shipping Android, Rex, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian products.

She has served on numerous leadership roles, including Head of Platform Development at Cisco Systems, and Head of CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) at Palm. She also spent more than 10 years at Apple, holding technical leadership roles in operating systems and video engineering.

Nancy holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Appears in:

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