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Marvyn Smith

Founder & CEO


Marvyn is the Co-founder and CEO of Atmen, a financial services company founded to create a fairer, inclusive and more connected society with a focus on reinvesting in the community. Since starting Atmen in 2020, his goal has been to ensure that within the Diaspora community that Technology is maximised to guarantee Financial Inclusion and that money can be sent quickly and securely from UK/Europe to developing countries in the Caribbean and South America.

Atmen has 10K downloads and has processed 4 mln Euros in transactional volume. They are actively looking for partnerships with FX and Banking as a Service providers that have contacts with Mastercard & Visa in Latam.

Before founding Atmen, Marvyn worked in Banking and has a Finance and Technology background.

Appears in:

Diaspora banking: Best banking practices on a global scale