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Maria Kolganova

Executive Director

Independent Association of the banks of Ukraine (NABU)

Maria Kolganova is the Executive Director of the Independent association of the banks of Ukraine (NABU) - largest banking platform of the country, which unites more than 96% assets of the entire system. During her work has actively cooperated with international organizations: the International Monetary Fund, EBRD, World Bank and IFC, German Savings Fund Sparkasse, USAID, McKinsey & Company, Finalta, GfK etc.

Is actively working to develop financial markets and the economy in general (personal contribution in a number of large-scale projects implemented in Ukraine: agricultural receipts, financial restructuring of corporate debt, introduction of bankruptcy code for individuals, protection of consumers rights, Paperless, Cashless, Digitalization of the banking sector (including banks-FinTech cooperation)).

Much attention is paid to supporting the financial sector in martial law. NABU has set up operational response platforms for banking and non-banking areas for immediate response to threats and exchange of critical information and the highest level.

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