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Kahina Van Dyke

Global Head of Digital Channels & Data Analytics

Standard Chartered

Kahina Van Dyke is a leading global fintech leader who currently sits on the Fortune 100 Board of Progressive Insurance, serving on both their investment and technology committees. With over 25 years of global leadership, she has an unparalleled unique set of experiences spanning Citibank, Facebook, Ripple and MasterCard executing large scale in transformation and change leadership.

While being at the forefront of fintech transformation she has become a respected leading voice with recognised institutional publications, including Economist, Bloomberg and FT, as well as academia the likes of MIT and Stanford. Named Global Leader of the year (2021), Top 15 Fintech Women in Asia (2021), Top 10 Women in Fintech (2020) and #1 Global Woman in Fintech in 2019, she has been featured in her own chapter in “Black Achievers” a seminal publication on black excellence.

As a global change agent, Kahina is a consummate innovator that operates with a leadership philosophy that focuses on growth, empathy, creativity, and courage to drive more sustainable and inclusive financial ecosystems. Her style is authentic, direct and inspiring which has led her to be a mentor, coach and supporter to many leaders throughout the industry and aspirational to the next generation of bankers.

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