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Jorge González-Iglesias Baeza

Chairman & cofounder


Jorge González-Iglesias Baeza became an entrepreneur and co founded Bluemove in 2010. Bluemove, now known as Ubeeqo, is the leading car sharing company in Spain. The company was sold to Europcar Mobility Group, to be its technological pillar in the creation of its global division of carsharing. Today Ubeeqo is present in more than 10 countries. After Bluemove, he has been involved (founded, invested, mentored, etc.) in multiple entrepreneurial projects, including Tarkus Pharma Lab (in Colombia), Vendi (in the UK), Próspera (in Honduras), Cabify (in Spain and LatAm), Epsilon Ecology (non-profit), among others. On top of that, since 2020 he is Co-Founder and Chairman of Gibobs Allbanks, a Spanish Fintech-Proptech company specialized in financial intermediation. Gibobs main competitive advantage is the adequate analysis of their B2C and B2B customer's financial profile to offer them the most adequate banking and non-banking financial products, through their advanced technological platform.

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