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John Broxis

Managing Director Open Banking Exchange

Open Banking Exchange

John is an expert on all aspects of open banking, open finance, regulatory compliance, and alternative payment methods having worked in payments and banking systems for 20+ years.

John joined EBA Clearing in 2002 becoming Director of STEP2 taking the platform through SEPA migration to be the largest clearing system in Europe and created MyBank, a pan-European e-authorisation solution for online payments and open banking.

In 2017, John launched the Open Banking Europe Membership Programme which provides a collaborative environment to identify market issues and problems, championing awareness and creating solutions via guidance, standards, and tools.

Its success led John and the team to expand into other international markets under the Open Banking Exchange brand. John is now working with both regulators and open banking and open finance communities globally, to advise on open banking regulation, standards and rules and how regulatory frameworks can be turned into operational reality.

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