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Jane Loginova

Chief Strategy Officer


Jane wears multiple hats within BPC, a leading payment solution company headquartered in Switzerland. She has been working for BPC for almost ten years and has global responsibility for corporate strategy, marketing, and business growth. She is successfully leading the development of BPC through the rapidly changing landscape of payments, banking, commerce, and mobility.

Since joining BPC, Jane has spearheaded the creation of new ventures that positively impact BPC’s growth. She was instrumental in transforming BPC’s vision from a software company to a leading SaaS player. As a result of this strategy, BPC extended its offering with white-label payment processing services for banks, PSPs, and fintechs, given them a wider choice to adopt technology, on-premise, in the cloud or as managed services. BPC expects that its SaaS business will generate the major part of its revenue as the company becomes a leading digital enabler for new economy players.

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