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Gihan Hyde



Gihan A.M. Hyde is the award-winning CEO & Founder of Communique, an ESG consultancy. Communique is in the process of being B.Corp certified making it the first ever Black, Arab, female founded organisation to join the top 4000 most sustainable businesses in the world. Prior to founding “Communique” Gihan led some of the largest ESG change projects and communication departments including Barclays IA, HSBC AMG, M&S HR, Philip Morris, the Riyadh Metro Project, and the Department for International Trade. Her work impacted more than 150,000 employees, 200,000 customers and closed $300m worth of sales deals. She is a board advisor, an avid investor in numerous start-ups and an ESG guest lecturer with the Chartered Institute of PR (CIPR) and the Chartered institute of Marketing (CIM). She can be reached on LI: Gihan Hyde or Twitter: @gehanam

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