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Gerrit Sindermann


Green Digital Finance Alliance

At Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA), Gerrit especially leads the organization's work on the 2021 founded Every Action Counts (EAC) coalition. EAC is a network of 14 large platforms with combined access to 2.7bn customers, joined around the pledge to empower 1 billion people to shift towards more carbon-efficient, nature-positive lifestyles by 2025. Earlier, Gerrit has been leading the Swiss business of F10, a global accelerator network for the financial services industry. In this capacity, he initiated a climate fintech program, co-authored the Green Fintech Action Plan for the Swiss finance ministry and served as a board member at F10’s investment arm. Prior a banker for 10 years, mostly with ABN AMRO Bank, he became an entrepreneur in 2010, and co-founded, led and worked with - mostly FinTech -  start-ups over the past 12 years, and led mobile payment projects at Swisscom. Gerrit holds an MBA from IMD International, Lausanne.

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