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Erik Stadigh

Co-Founder & CEO


Erik is the co-founder & CEO of Lune, on the mission to make every product and service climate positive by default.

Lune offers the API for emissions calculations and carbon removal, making it easy for companies to integrate climate impact into their customer experience. Lune works with forward-thinking payments, banking and fintech companies to create innovative climate positive products, increasing customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty while having a positive impact!

Erik's passion for addressing the climate crisis grew when he was a Principal at Crane Venture Partners, a London-based VC fund investing in and supporting early-stage B2B software companies across Europe. He holds a Master's in Managerial Economics from the London School of Economics. Erik is from Finland and enjoys a good sauna combined with a dip in the frozen sea.

Appears in:

“It Ain’t Easy Being Green”. How do we rebuild current financial products to be climate positive?