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Eléonore Blanc



Eléonore Blanc founded CryptoCanal in 2019, offering education, event and consultancy services for the crypto industry.

She manages a vibrant community through the CryptoCanal meetups, to discuss the latest tech developments and to remind people that behind blockchains we are still humans. She took part in Devconnect, gathering the best of the Ethereum ecosystem, where she organised ETH Day and DeFi Day. Passionate educator, she teaches Crypto 101 to all, and offers in-depth, personalised classes for more advanced cryptocurrency enthusiasts. She welcomes special individuals to share their stories on the Humans of Crypto Podcast.

The cryptocurrency industry is made of visionaries and ruthless money makers, the perfect mix for a monetary revolution, and Eléonore is all in. Thrilled to be part of an ongoing social and financial experience, she's passionate about peer to peer electronic cash, voluntarism and economic freedom. Using cryptocurrencies is a political statement.